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   Welcome to Hunua Ararimu Paparimu Residents Assn

Read our Hunua Informer Notices

Hunua Informer notice March 2016

Civil Defence - How to Get Through

Download you copy of the How to Get Through checklist created especially for our area Civil Defense Get Through

Keep Safe this Christmas

Here are some awesome tips to help you Keep Safe from NZ Police

Crime alert

There have been an increase in the number of burglaries in our area so please be extra vigilant- Any suspicious activity call 111

School is nearly back ...

Civil Defence - How You Can Help

HAPVA is working closely with Civil Defence to create an Emergency Response Plan for our 3 Valleys. To assist this a letter has gone out to all households in the area with a questionnaire. If you or your neighbours have not received this letter please download your copy here and return it as soon as possible (disregard the date in the letter) so a register of people needing special assistance and those with valuable skills or resources can be updated.

Civil Defence Letter

Civil Defence Get Ready Get Thru

Household Emergency Checklist

Neighbourhood Response Plan: Hunua, Ararimu, Paparimu Valleys

Civil Defence are working with nine communities in the south region to put together Neighbourhood Response Plans.

What is in the Neighbourhood Response Plan:
Threats/hazards to the community
Warning systems
Who will do what before during and after an emergency
Communication plan

It is up to us as a community to agree what it covers, supported and facilitated by council. Outside stakeholders may also be involved for Emergency management ie Hunua Fire and CommunityConstable and Counties Manukau District Police.

At the meeting at the Hunua Hall, on June 29, these people volunteered to be part of the Civil Defence/Neighbourhood Response Plan Team

Lisa Abernathy (Ararimu) 292 4775
Keith Matheson (Paparimu) 292 5896
Tina Bogaard(Paparimu) 292 4366
Malcolm Bell 292 4340
Jane Berney 292 4010
Clive Dixon 292 4785
Carole White 292 4883
Phil Newland (Fire) 021 812 422
Nick Richards (Community Constable) (09) 237 1710 xt.91610

Civil Defence suggest that the Neighbourhood Response Plan should be flexible and able to be updated and changed. In other words, not cast in stone.

The first stage will be for the team to review
Hazards profile: water, land faults, etc.
Resources: what is available, where. Who needs what.
Contact list: each of our communities needs an up to date list

To discuss any of this please contact any of the people listed here on the Neighbourhood Response Plan team.

Who would burgle your place? Get your Neighbourhood Watch pack from Hunua School to find out how you can make your property and family safer

SECURITY NOTICES call 111 if you see any suspicious activity

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Auckland Plan

Have your say on how you want Hunau, Paparimu and Ararimu to develop under the Auckland Council.

Neighbourhood Support Groups

A database of resources and individuals within the area is being established with the assistance of the local fire brigade

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