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Auckland Plan

Do you want boundries moved so that our community becomes part of urban Auckland? have your say on how you want Hunua, Paparimu and Ararimu to develop under the Auckland council

Should the urban boundries be kept, changed or removed?
Should there be more subdivision allowed in our communities?
What facilities do you want in Hunua, paparimu and Ararimu? Greater Auckland?
What about our parks? Do we want more? What type of parks?
Where do you want to work, play, shop?
How do you want to get around Auckland?
Are you willing to pay road tolls to pay for improved public transport?
What do you want for quality of life, the economy, the environment, the place and infrastructure?

We requested the Auckland Council make a presentation and have a discussion with our communities about the Auckland Plan. You can view the Council's discussion document Auckland Unleashed the Auckland Plan discussion document here

Whether you have lived here for 5 weeks, 5 or 50 years your views are important. If you are 10 or 100 or anywhere in between, have your say.

Who would burgle your place? This was one of the questions answered by Community Constable Nick Richards

If you are already part of a Neighbourhood Watch group, that is great; if you are not this is your chance to become part of a Neighbourhood watch group. It does work, and it does not take much effort. It is all about people looking out for each other.

Talk with your local friends and neighbours to see if they would like to be involved as well. This is a community programme that has strength in numbers.

Neighbourhood Watch pack now available from Hunua School or phone Community Constable Nick Richards (09) 237 1700
Select DNA marking kits for property

CarJam Report - Never Buy or Sell Vehicle without CarJam! You can check here for free various details of a vehicile including if it is reported stolen

If you would like to talk about this, or anything else you feel is important to our community please give any of the HAPVRA committee members a call.

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